Our mission is to create and deliver unique, handmade, top-class projects to suit your specific needs.

In our projects, we provide you with a comprehensive personal approach:
- Consultation and orientation of possible solutions, patterning of components, development of new elements and provide samples.
- Preparation of detailed drawing project documentation, creation of 3D visualization of equipment and components.
- Electrical parts of systems, switchboards, wiring, electronic components, devices and components by design.
- Mechanical design and assembly of parts into the design unit, fitting to the end customer, system recovery.
- Creating a Microprocessor Firmware and Creating PC Software Applications for Project Operation and Use.
- Service support for an indefinite period of time, post-warranty service, retrofitting and refinement of systems according to your needs.
- Redesign or modification of the project according to later needs, remote administration of all our systems, interventions while waiting.
- All of our projects are based on an agreement and an individual approach. Will you also convince yourself?

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